Known Behaviors

The following are limitations in ExtremeXOS and Switch Engine system architecture that have yet to be resolved.

Table 1. Known Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs)
Defect Number Description
EXOS-30441 For 25G ports, auto-negotiation is disabled by default in ExtremeXOS. When connecting an EXOS switch to a VOSS switch via a 25G Direct Attached Cable, auto-negotiation is mismatched, as the default behavior in VOSS is "enabled".


Enable auto-negotiation on the ExtremeXOS port.

EXOS-31301 In an ExtremeSwitching 5320 stack, switches are unable to connect to standby slots using bluetooth.
EXOS-31548 On native 25G ports, Forward Error Correction is turned ON by default. However, while using QSFP28 ports partitioned for 4x25G operation, Forward Error Correction is turned OFF by default.


Enable forward-error-correction on the 4x25G ports.

ExtremeSwitching X435 Series Switches
EXOS-32881 On the ExtremeSwitching X435-8p-4s switch, downgrading from version 31.7 to 30.7 can render the PoE permanently inoperable, resulting in an RMA being needed to recover PoE functionality.
EXOS-32968 On the ExtremeSwitching X435 series switch, if Fast PoE is enabled and the switch is rebooted (not power-cycled), the switch behaves like perpetual PoE (PoE power delivery on the ports are not interrupted during the reboot).
ExtremeSwitching 5320 Series Switches
EXOS-31548 When PRD-5320-10G-8P is applied to the ExtremeSwitching 5320 Series switch, the DEF-EVAL-10G-4P is not removed, despite the persistent 10G Port Evaluation Days Remain warning.


The warning can be disregarded.

EXOS-32841 The following PoE - 54V DC output error log messages are displayed after a full power cycle on PoE capable switches:
11/03/2022 13:03:20.03 <Erro:HAL.PoE.Error> (summitPoeRecoveryCheck) pse_system_power_query failed.

11/03/2022 13:03:09.99 <Info:HAL.Sys.Info> (halPSDetectionProcessing) Internal Power Supply is disconnected.

11/03/2022 13:03:09.99 <Info:HAL.Sys.Info> (summitPerPsuStatusToHalState) PSU 54V DC output changed.
Note: These messages do not occur during a normal switch reboot, but on a full power cycle only. This is non-impacting to switch or network functions.
Extended Edge Switching
EXOS-29969 A hal process failure occurs while running the configure access-list command on ExtremeSwitching 5520 and X590 VPEX stack platforms.