Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS 16.2.4-Patch1-6

The following issues were resolved in ExtremeXOS 16.2.4-Patch1-6. ExtremeXOS 16.2.4-Patch1-6 includes all fixes up to and including ExtremeXOS, and earlier, ExtremeXOS 12.0.5, ExtremeXOS 12.1.7, ExtremeXOS 12.2.2-patch1-12, ExtremeXOS 12.3.6, ExtremeXOS 12.4.5, ExtremeXOS 12.5.5, ExtremeXOS 12.6.3, ExtremeXOS 12.6.5, ExtremeXOS 12.7.1, ExtremeXOS 15.1.5, ExtremeXOS 15.2.4, ExtremeXOS 15.3.3, ExtremeXOS 15.4.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.2, ExtremeXOS 15.6.1, ExtremeXOS 15.6.2, ExtremeXOS 15.7.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1.2, ExtremeXOS 16.1.3, ExtremeXOS 16.2, ExtremeXOS 16.2.2, ExtremeXOS 16.2.3, and ExtremeXOS 16.2.4. For information about those fixes, see the release notes for the specific release.

Table 1. Resolved Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs) in ExtremeXOS 16.2.4-Patch1-6
CR Number Description
xos0051464 The command debug hal configure stacking port port# [enable|disable] is not working in stacks.
xos0052545 During failover from EBGP to VPNv4 IBGP route, VPNv4 IBGP route is removed causing loss in connectivity over L3VPN.
xos0062527 The varbinds of extremePowerSupplyGood, extremePsuPowerStatus traps need to include the instance along with the OID.
xos0064795 With a 4-node ERPS subring topology with no virtual channel, after link failure between two interconnect nodes, ring re-convergence, and then link restoration, traffic loss occurs for over 5 minutes.
xos0064898 During reboots on Summit and ExtremeSwitching G2 model stacks, i2c-octeon kernel messages appear.
xos0069198 Creating VLANs with reserved keywords using SNMP or Policy Manager is incorrectly allowed.
xos0069422 Exiting an SSH client session causes the SSH server to unexpectedly initiate a session close request.
xos0069810 NetLogin Dot1x authentication fails if supplicant response is received after EAPOL requests expire.
xos0070088 With alternate IP address configuration, MLAG ports are disabled when the other MLAG peer comes up after a reboot.
xos0070350 With ping protection configured for the static routes, IP routes are not becoming active.
xos0070427 The command show mpls ldp label retained lsp output should also display the LSR-ID.
xos0070498 Kernel crashes randomly after learning FDB entries with the port instance of VLAN as null.
xos0070503 A source MAC address is re-added on PSTAG ports if the same MAC address is arriving on the master and a member of sharing.
xos0070534 The OID extremeImageToUseOnReboot cannot be used to select the image to be booted on reboot.
xos0070601 When the MAC-locking threshold is set to 0, then the learn-limit-action (disable port) is not triggered for the second violation.
xos0070775 HAL process ends unexpectedly when executing the configure access-list delete <acl_name> all command after refreshing the ACL.
xos0070786 If jumbo frames are initially enabled on a port, which then becomes a master port of a load-sharing group, followed by enabling jumbo frames on all ports, then in the output of the command show configuration vlan, jumbo-frames are disabled on the slave ports of the load-sharing group.
xos0071021 HAL process ends unexpectedly due to memory corruption with eFence is enabled.
xos0067260 ELRP should detect loops on dynamically created VLANs created by Netlogin/Policy, XNV, and MVRP.
xos0069148 ELRP does not work with NetLogin MAC-based VLANs.
xos0070840 With MAC Locking and MAC Lockdown timeout enabled, LAG ports are not disabled for a second time even after reaching learn-limit.
xos0070841 With MAC Locking and MAC Lockdown timeout enabled, LAG ports are not disabled even after reaching learn-limit when traffic is received through member port.
xos0067381 Kernel crashes at random times after rebooting a stack after making changes with the master capability of nodes.