Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS 16.2.3-Patch1-3

The following issues were resolved in ExtremeXOS 16.2.3-Patch1-3. ExtremeXOS 16.2.3-Patch1-3 includes all fixes up to and including ExtremeXOS, and earlier, ExtremeXOS 12.0.5, ExtremeXOS 12.1.7, ExtremeXOS 12.2.2-patch1-12, ExtremeXOS 12.3.6, ExtremeXOS 12.4.5, ExtremeXOS 12.5.5, ExtremeXOS 12.6.3, ExtremeXOS 12.6.5, ExtremeXOS 12.7.1, ExtremeXOS 15.1.5, ExtremeXOS 15.2.4, ExtremeXOS 15.3.3, ExtremeXOS 15.4.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.2, ExtremeXOS 15.6.1, ExtremeXOS 15.6.2, ExtremeXOS 15.7.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1.2, ExtremeXOS 16.1.3, ExtremeXOS 16.2, ExtremeXOS 16.2.2, and ExtremeXOS 16.2.3. For information about those fixes, see the release notes for the specific release.

Table 1. Resolved Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs) in ExtremeXOS 16.2.3-Patch1-3
CR Number Description
xos0065946 SNMP get for lldpRemSysCapSupported MIB returns incorrect value.
xos0066477 Creating a VLAN starting with "vr" causes syntax recognition problems with the show iparp vr command.
xos0066557 Kernel crash occurs after removing a subVLAN from one VR and adding the same subVLAN in another VR.
xos0066775 Configured peer group capabilities and policies are not reflected after creating a new BGP neighbor.
xos0066932 Actual/configured sFlow sample rates are different after reconfiguring.
xos0066996 ESRP does not update the neighbor state properly while becoming master from neutral state.
xos0067002 UPM status is "fail" if UPM profile has save configuration as-script as the last command.
xos0067079 ACL installation for the policy authenticated client is failing when diffserv replacement and meter configuration is present in the switch.
xos0067325 After recovering from multiple link failures, ERPS incorrectly keeps both the ring links in blocked state.
xos0067335 Memory leak occurs in VMT process when it is enabled on the port.
xos0067506 A few VRRP instances remain in dual master state if VRRP state changes for several VLANs in the same VRID within a short time period.
xos0067887 Switch reboots unexpectedly when there are continuous SSH attempts and those attempts are rejected with access-profile.
xos0067912 The command show port protocol filter displays the "Error: Configuration reply is too big" in output.
xos0068209 PIM process ends unexpectedly with signal 11.
xos0049630 Configuring DNS server in user VR gets added to VR-default.
xos0065527 Edge safeguard configuration gets lost when ports are removed and added back to default VLAN.
xos0067583 Add support to configure ping success for VRRP track-ping.
xos0067973 After run failover, IDM kerberos system ACLAs are missing for some users in new master.
xos0062668 MIB compilation issues occur with VLAN MIB when using mgsoft.
xos0065354 Kernel error "packet number to save out of range: 49" occurs when DOS protect is enabled in the switch.
xos0065930 ACLCBFUNC log occurs after associating a policy that has CLEAR-flow and network-zone configuration.
xos0066921 ARP fails to resolve for some hosts.
xos0066986 OSPF E1 routes in NSSA area are removed or not updated properly in the routing table.
xos0067084 FDB is not learned over pseudowire after disabling, and then enabling, learning on network VLAN ports.
xos0068099 After rebooting the switch, BGP neighbor configuration is lost when a peer group is configured.
xos0066697 Delay occurs in password prompt appearing when trying to establish SSH connection.
xos0067106 In dot1x authorization, service unavailable vlan port is re-authenticated in every authorization causing blocked port.
xos0066963 Jumbo frame is disabled on master port after rebooting when ports are partitioned.
xos0060343 On Summit X670v stack, configuration file replication on standby nodes times out after second or third failover.
xos0067446 "ACL filter update failed" error occurs when modifying the code point value.
xos0065571 Ping fails over L3VPN tunnel when the corresponding ARPs are in Layer 3 hardware hash table as "Extended View". Affects Summit X450-G2, X670-G2, and X770 series switches.
Summit X430 Series Switches
xos0067014 On X430 series switches, Netlogin web-based authentication is not working.
BlackDiamond 8800 Series Switches
xos0064870 BlackDiamond 8800 series switches slots fail sometimes when applying PVLAN and STP configuration.
BlackDiamond X8 Series Switches
xos0067283 In BlackDiamond X8 series switches, the link remains in ready state after rebooting with SP7051-EXT 10Gb-T RJ45 transceiver.
NWI Series Switches
Kernel error message appears when configuring dot1p examination inner-tag:
<Erro:Kern.Error> inner dot1p filter failed in Create unit 0, rv -6
Summit X670G2 Series Switches
xos0066844 Port with copper SFP inserted appears as active even if it is administratively disabled.
xos0067096 Multicast traffic is dropped on front panel port 1:1 when management port goes down on stacking switch.
xos0058499 In SummiStack, the snmpEngine values are maintained in each node separately instead of a single value, which is causing different values on each failover.