Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS 16.2.4-Patch1-3

The following issues were resolved in ExtremeXOS 16.2.4-Patch1-3. ExtremeXOS 16.2.4-Patch1-3 includes all fixes up to and including ExtremeXOS, and earlier, ExtremeXOS 12.0.5, ExtremeXOS 12.1.7, ExtremeXOS 12.2.2-patch1-12, ExtremeXOS 12.3.6, ExtremeXOS 12.4.5, ExtremeXOS 12.5.5, ExtremeXOS 12.6.3, ExtremeXOS 12.6.5, ExtremeXOS 12.7.1, ExtremeXOS 15.1.5, ExtremeXOS 15.2.4, ExtremeXOS 15.3.3, ExtremeXOS 15.4.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.2, ExtremeXOS 15.6.1, ExtremeXOS 15.6.2, ExtremeXOS 15.7.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1.2, ExtremeXOS 16.1.3, ExtremeXOS 16.2, ExtremeXOS 16.2.2, ExtremeXOS 16.2.3, and ExtremeXOS 16.2.4. For information about those fixes, see the release notes for the specific release.

Table 1. Resolved Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs) in ExtremeXOS 16.2.4-Patch1-3
CR Number Description
xos0048459 ACL Smart refresh does not occur when modifying the rules in an existing policy.
xos0058443 Unconfiguring BFD VLAN re-configures the default BFD parameter for the VLAN.
xos0062785 Need a mechanism to avoid configuring static route gateway and local IP as the same.
xos0066468 CPU usage spikes for vlan and ipSecurity processes in backup node when IP security, policy, and NetLogin features are enabled on the same port.
xos0066935 Files are not deleted in standby nodes after removing files in master node that were created through "save" operation.
xos0067270 VRRP flap occurs with CPU congestion.
xos0067661 With IP security DHCP-snooping enabled, the client port for DHCP snooped entry is not checkpointed to the backup node.
xos0068982 In dot1x authentication, EAP request packets are sent without tags even though port is added as tagged.
xos0069418 Policy, Python, and script files cannot be overwritten using SFTP in WinSCP client.
xos0069423 When using Chalet to configure the sysContact and sysLocation, semicolon is not allowed.
xos0069450 Unable to filter link up/down log events based on port number.
xos0069476 A custom user cannot SSH into the switch if agent forwarding is enabled.
xos0069580 The command show configuration bfd shows enable bfd vlan even though it is not explicitly enabled.
xos0069604 The process rtmgr ends unexpectedly with signal 11 after running disable/enable ospf in peer switch.
xos0069715 Dynamically assigned IP addresses do not appear when an SNMP walk is done on OID (IPAddrTable).
xos0069716 The IPAddrTable If index entry contains the Index value corresponding to the Rt-interface, and not to the corresponding VLAN interface.
xos0069755 Disabling an edge port incorrectly triggers a topology change.
xos0069806 Number of simultaneous TCP session should be restricted during web-based NetLogin authentication.
xos0069808 Kernel crash occurs when processing a IGMP packet with an invalid IP header length.
xos0065005 Rtmgr process ends unexpectedly some times during frequent route transitions with Multicast, MPLS, and OSPF routes.
xos0069696 Traffic is not forwarded in VPLS tunnel after disable/enable sharing on VMAN CEP ports.
xos0069800 After ESRP failover L2VPN session remain in signaling state with ESRP VPLS redundancy enabled.
xos0069226 Process rtmgr end unexpectedly with signal 11 when deleting, and then re-creating, the fabric connection.
xos0069691 EXOS-VM displays coreDumpWrite failed error during bootup.
xos0062882 Whole MIB compilation gets stuck at EXTREME-V2-TRAP MIB.
xos0066886 Continuously, restarting MLAG ports causes brief loops.
xos0064192 Kernel crash occurs randomly when unconfiguring the switch with a loop in topology.
xos0066036 Kernel crash occurs when sending multicast traffic over private VLAN.
xos0065300 Kernel crash occurs when there are continuous new multicast streams with PIM SM configuration.
xos0070169 NetLogin Dot1x authentication fails when port is not part of any default VLAN.
Summit X440 Series Switches
xos0069740 In Summit X440-L2-24t series switches, show fan output displays fan state as "Failed" when RPM is 0.
BlackDiamond Series Switches
xos0067359 On BlackDiamond switches, LLDP is disabled by default.
xos0069587 On BlackDiamond 8800 series switches, fabric congestion occurs when traffic ingresses on a specific set of ports.
xos0069586 On BlackDiamond X8 series switches, need to change the fabric hashing that facilitates the usage of redundant FM.
After rebooting a stack, error messages similar to the following appear for ports belonging to LAGs:
Erro:cm.sys.actionErr> Slot-2: Error while loading "ports": Speed change is not allowed on port 2:6 as it is a trunk member port.
xos0069058 LACP packets are sent with VLAN tag 0 from backup node on a SummitStack.
xos0069823 The output of the show fan command reports 0 RPM for other stack node‘s fans intermittently.