ExtremeXOS Images for BlackDiamond 8000 Series Switches

Due to additional functionality, the ExtremeXOS 16.2 and later software image is too large to download onto the BlackDiamond 8000 series switches. To resolve this issue, the diagnostics for the BlackDiamond 8900 I/O modules is now a separate image file (XMOD) in addition to the main software image file.

Table 1. BlackDiamond 8000 Series Switches Software Image Files
Main Install image Diagnostic image
Content All BlackDiamond 8000 content (except BlackDiamond 8900 I/O module diagnostics) BlackDiamond 8900 I/O module diagnostics
File Name bd8800-16.2.xx.yy.xos bd8800-16.2.xx.yy-8900diags.xmod
File Type Standard ExtremeXOS image XMOD image
Installation Notes

Other XMODs can be used with the BlackDiamond 8000 main ExtremeXOS image.

To update to a newer version of the diagnostics, you download and install the latest XMOD version. The diagnostics XMOD can be installed to the active or standby partition and diagnostics can be used immediately. There is no need to reboot or execute any other action to complete the installation.

The following scenarios produce an error or warning message: