Known Behaviors

The following are limitations in ExtremeXOS system architecture that have yet to be resolved.

Table 1. Known Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs)
CR Number Description
xos0075004 With policy profile 63 configured and actively used, VRRP incorrectly persists in master state after changing priority in VRRP backup node, enabling/disabling fabric routing on VRRP backup node, and then rebooting. Other policy profiles (1 through 62) do not cause this issue.
EXOS-28208 enable bgp export commands are not applied after downgrade from EXOS 30.7 (or later releases) to the EXOS 22.7 release.
EXOS-26954 Stacking alternate ports, which are used as uplink ports, are enabled for stacking-support after upgrading from EXOS 22.7 to 30.7.