Extended Edge Switching Ring Topology

The Extended Edge Switching ring topology feature allows two Extended Edge Switching (VPEX) cascades to be joined together to form a control plane ring. When a link breaks or a bridge port extender (BPE) otherwise leaves, the remaining BPEs reform two data plane cascades, thus keeping both control and data plane connectivity to the controlling bridge (CB) alive. This provides redundant connection from any BPE in the ring to the CB. This is especially useful in a wiring closet application where the BPEs are located in the closet, and the CB is located more centrally, and there are only two links wired from the CB to the closet. Each cascade is formed from the control plane perspective only; the data plane acts as if there were two cascades consisting of BPEs that are each present in only one cascade.

Supported Platforms

CBs: Summit X670-G2 and ExtremeSwitching X690, X590 series switches.

BPEs: V400-24t-10GE2, V400-24p-10GE2, V400-48t-10GE4, V400-48p-10GE4 virtual port extenders.


New CLI Commands

configure vpex mlag-id mlag_id peer peer_name slot slot_num

unconfigure vpex [ports port_list | mlag-id] mlag_id] slot

show vpex topology { port port_num} {summary | detail}

configure vpex ring rebalancing [auto | off]

Changed CLI Commands

The following show commands now display Extended Edge Switching ring topology information:

show vpex bpe

show vpex ports ports_list

show {port port_number} sharing {detail}

show vpex