Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS 22.7

The following issues were resolved in ExtremeXOS 22.7. ExtremeXOS 22.7 includes all fixes up to and including ExtremeXOS, and earlier, ExtremeXOS 12.0.5, ExtremeXOS 12.1.7, ExtremeXOS 12.2.2-patch1-12, ExtremeXOS 12.3.6, ExtremeXOS 12.4.5, ExtremeXOS 12.5.5, ExtremeXOS 12.6.3, ExtremeXOS 12.6.5, ExtremeXOS 12.7.1, ExtremeXOS 15.1.5, ExtremeXOS 15.2.4, ExtremeXOS 15.3.3, ExtremeXOS 15.4.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.1, ExtremeXOS 15.5.2, ExtremeXOS 15.6.1, ExtremeXOS 15.6.2, ExtremeXOS 15.7.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1, ExtremeXOS 16.1.2, ExtremeXOS 16.1.3, ExtremeXOS 21.1, ExtremeXOS 22.1, ExtremeXOS 22.2, ExtremeXOS 22.3, ExtremeXOS 22.4, ExtremeXOS 22.5, and ExtremeXOS 22.6. For information about those fixes, see the release notes for the specific release.

Table 1. Resolved Issues, Platform-Specific, and Feature Change Requests (CRs) in 22.7
CR Number Description
xos0069194 Packets with size greater than the configured IP-MTU value are forwarded if jumbo frames is enabled and ARP is resolved.
xos0069786 A hard CPU utilization limit is in effect on tasks, such as Python and shell scripts, in the "Other" control group. Base Linux tasks and ExtremeXOS tasks have no utilization limits, and are grouped together in the "EXOS" control group for display by the command show process groups. This allows the displayed utilization statistics to better reflect the current state, especially on switches with multi-core processors.
xos0069987 HAL process ends unexpectedly with signal 11 when executing the command that fetches entries from hardware.
xos0070318 Fallback to older option 43 Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) does not happen if ZTP+ fails.
xos0070488 Chalet needs to support configuring the higher port speeds: 100G, 50G, and 25G.
xos0071788 The output of the show configuration/show configuration detail commands does not show management port related traps configuration.
xos0072176 DNS resolves on wrong VR.
xos0072290 Process rtmgr ends unexpectedly when the BGP peer is rebooted.
xos0072316 PTP IP multicast packets are not forwarded.
xos0072564 Chalet stops responding if the port display string contains German special characters.
xos0072599 Directed broadcast traffic is not forwarded unless a port in the egress VLAN is restarted.
xos0072618 SSH/Telnet session stops responding when the command run diagnostics cable ports all is executed.
xos0072697 MPLS process ends unexpectedly when permanent licenses are enabled after trial license expiry.
xos0072940 Port does not come up when connected with 2-pair (1,2,3,6 wire connected) Ethernet cable.
xos0073143 After retrieving VLAN statistics through SNMP or CLI in a certain sequence, switch stops responding to VLAN related SNMP polling and show commands.
xos0073226 EDP process ends unexpectedly when processing CDP packets having a device ID that is null.
xos0073363 The command show edp port detail does not display correct port speed if peers run different ExtremeXOS versions.
xos0073383 Memory leak occurs on HAL when port is removed, and then added back to a LAG.
xos0073478 ELRP disables an excluded port when ELRP loop protection is enabled at egress.
xos0073553 Need to add router discovery related commands in ExtremeXOS Command Reference Guide.
xos0073608 Dropped packets on eth0 interface are accounted for in ifInErrors instead of IfInDiscards.
xos0073804 The process rtmgr ends unexpectedly with signal 11 after changing the gateway of L3VPN routes.
xos0073816 Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) does not work if the IP address from the Linux DHCP server is assigned from an address pool based on the vendor class identifier.
xos0073877 CSR privatekey generated in the switch is not accepted by certificate authority since the common name has "_" in the prefix.
xos0073894 Unable to connect with SSH using IPv6 on VR-default or user-defined VRs.
xos0073899 LACP sharing enabled port are added to link aggregator even though port speeds are different.
xos0073996 Installation of XMOD fails with error "Not enough disk space".
xos0074089 The ls internal-memory command needs to be replaced in show tech-support with correct arguments.
xos0074303 NTP restricted list configuration is not reflected in the output of the "show configuration" command causing configuration lost on reboot and NTP restrict entry not being removed when deleted.
xos0074306 Connecting with Telnet to hostname on VR-Default fails.
xos0074308 Image download fails if the URL size limit is greater than 128 characters.
xos0074338 After PIM-SM failover, the second convergence occurs resulting in minor traffic loss.
xos0074493 The process IDMgr ends unexpectedly with signal 11 when client logon and port flap occur at the same time, and if the client entry is already present multiple times in the IDMgr table.
xos0074513 Ports disabled by ELRP due to a loop in the dynamic VLAN of NetLogin is not automatically re-enabled after timer expiry.
xos0074544 Downloading ExtremeXOS image to backup/standby node in a stack fails due to TFTP block number limitation.
xos0074672 Unable to connect a new switch to the ExtremeCloud due to a SSL certificate exchange error.
xos0074702 Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) does not work over the Management interface.
xos0074751 The command clear port port_list rate-limit flood out-of-profile status should clear status only.
xos0074874 Need to permit the use of few special characters for SysName/SysLocation/SysContact.
xos0074898 The MAC address of IPv4 adjacency is not always updated in the hardware after stack failover.
xos0074933 Dynamic VLANs created by MVRP on MLAG ports flap continuously when the ports are in the down state.
xos0075012 Need additional configurable option for success count in flow-redirect health check command.
xos0075021 HAL process ends unexpectedly when unsupported optics are inserted into the switch.
xos0075096 SNMPwalk does not return "partinfo" of all fans present in the switch.
xos0075213 If the debug command debug hal show ipv4Adj is interrupted using "Q" or Ctrl-C before all adjacencies appear, then subsequent Layer 3 hardware updates do not occur. Reboot is necessary to recover.
xos0063031 Process CliMaster ends unexpectedly with signal 6 when pressing CTRL + s.
xos0066220 The show tech process does not exit automatically after the Telnet session that triggered it is terminated.
xos0073183 Current value in show port info detail is changed when the port is partitioned.
xos0073254 In Chalet, the ezMlag tab under apps does not work.
xos0073789 The process bcmASYNC ends unexpectedly at random times with continuous traffic.
xos0075510 Need to add success option under to command configure flow-redirect next-hop in the ExtremeXOS documentation.
ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 Series Switches
xos0070362 Switch incorrectly accepts half duplex configuration with 1G speed.
xos0073412 On ExtremeSwitching X440G2 stacked switches, LAG configuration on combo ports is lost if the backup node is stuck after rebooting the stack.
xos0074040 Layer 2 protocols (EAPS, ERPS, STP) take 15 seconds to converge with Edge license installed.
xos0075020 Switch takes around 30 seconds to bring up all ports, which is triggering multiple STP topology changes.
xos0075030 On ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 48-port switches, ACL hardware full errors occur when Extreme Management Center (XMC) is used to push policy and telemetry.
xos0075129 IPv6 MLD packet filter installation fails in ACL double-width mode.
Summit X450-G2 Series Switches
xos0060591 Log message "LAG called bcm_port_untagged_vlan_set" appears while adding LACP port to aggregator.
Summit X460-G2 Series Switches
xos0073360 Random port flaps occur on Summit X460-G2-10G ports.
xos0072382 After NetLogin client authentication, at random times ARP entries are programmed without port numbers.
ExtremeSwitching X590 Series Switches
xos0074378 The process PoE stops responding on the controlling bridge (CB) when polling the PoE configuration periodically from ExtremeManagement (cloud connector).
ExtremeSwitching X620 Series Switches
xos0072580 For ExtremeSwitching X620 series switches, after applying policy configuration changes with disable policy and enable policy on a LAG master port that is in down state, NetLogin authentication may fail on the port.
Summit X670-G2 Series Switches
xos0073006 Packets with UDP port 4000 destined to a VLAN other than ISC are lifted to VSM process.
xos0073117 On Summit X670-G2 series switches after an ExtremeXOS upgrade, the error "Deferred L2 notification code out of sync unit 0" appears in show log output.
ExtremeSwitching X690 Series Switches
xos0072875 After enabling sharing on a port that does not support 100G, an error appears after executing configure ports all partition 1x100G.
xos0074587 EHOP table is leaking when port flaps on the switch.
xos0073473 Kernel crash occurs randomly after flapping the ports through which LSP is established.
ExtremeSwitching X870 Series Switches
xos0072630 ExtremeSwitching X870 series switches do not accept policy-related configurations on port 128.
xos0073426 Unable to configure FEC on X870-96x-8c switch on ports with100G capability enabled through a license.
xos0073880 In policy, redirect-port-list action modifier does not work properly for LAG ports.
xos0073513 After run failover, MLAG ports stays in disabled state when reload-delay timer is configured.
xos0071420 After removing rules and disabling policy when failover is performed, ACL rule usage is not cleaned up. With these remaining stale ACLs, if new rules are configured, and then unconfigured, error messages appear.
xos0073276 Refresh policy fails if "meter" action is added to an existing rule.
xos0073376 ACL smart refresh is not working as expected for source address ( match condition.
xos0073409 An empty error message appears on the console while refreshing a policy that contains an IPv6 rule.
xos0074344 ACL process signal 5 appears when changing active l2pt profile on ports.
xos0074701 Well-known MAC address added as a token for policy.
xos0073222 BGP sessions go down when they receive an update with route
BGP Auto-peering
xos0070932 With BGP auto-peering and VXLAN setup, traffic is not forwarded to some RTEPs, when back-to-back ECMP links are connected.
xos0072783 VLAN process ends unexpectedly when disabling all remote VXLAN tunnel end points using the command disable virtual-network remote-endpoint vxlan all.
xos0072943 PTPV2 process ends unexpectedly with signal 5 when rebooting the switch with Network Timing license enabled.
xos0075437 Random values are added to GPTP packets.
xos0067218 Short loop occurs in EAPS with shared ports after link failure recovery.
xos0071438 ERPS rings do not have a way to configure ring ID.
Extended Edge Switching
xos0072827 Need to support IP gateways on Extended Edge Switching bridge port extenders (BPEs) extended ports.
xos0072872 On Extended Edge Switching configurations, the STP port of peer switch, goes to "blocking" instead of "disabled" state when the connecting port on root bridge is disabled using the command disable port port #.
xos0072936 When using Extended Edge Switching full automation with multiple controlling bridge (CB) MLAG peer candidates, automation stops (as designed), but displays errors due to clean-up effort that involves deleting non-existent VLANs.
xos0073266 When Extended Edge Switching auto-configuration is used, the MLAG master ports connecting to BPEs on the two peers are not always the same. This leads to different local keys being used by the MLAG peers and traffic being lost in case of a failover.
xos0075177 In Extended Edge Switching/MLAG environments, Dot1x authentication fails when the authenticator side MLAG cascade port goes down.
xos0075620 Under certain conditions, a ring may time out trying to converge and remain in the severed state. If a ring has suffered a timeout and is persisting in the severed state, the show vpex topology detail command shows "Ring (Severed) - Formation Disabled". To resolve the severed state, disable or enable a severed cascade port on the ring (marked with "S" flag in the show vpex topology detail command).
xos0075516 PoE is not working as expected with Extended Edge Switching.
xos0075689 Switch becomes unresponsive for 5–15 minutes when UPM executes command in orchestration mode on both MLAG controlling bridges.
xos0073070 The limit-learning feature is not working as expected in MAC Move/LOOP scenarios.
xos0073139 When user-configured ACLS are applied on limit learning ports, packets are leaked.
Fabric Attach
xos0072447 Dynamically created Fabric Attach assignments are not cleared even after removing the policy profile.
xos0074187 After a Fabric Attach client reboot or after disabling/enabling a port, the uplink port is not added to a dynamic VLAN on the Fabric Attach proxy.
xos0073394 FDB is not check-pointed correctly with W-MLAG configuration.
xos0073462 MLAG peers do not verify the LACP MAC addresses of the neighbor switches.
xos0074039 After disabling, and then enabling the ports, traffic from one MLAG port is not egressing by the other MLAG port.
xos0072916 Traffic is not forwarded to VPLS peer after LSP path failover.
xos0073248 Ping fails between switches when the connected port is removed from the VMAN.
xos0073490 Layer 3 VPN routes are not installed on a backup node on a stack after slot reboot.
xos0073818 Packets originating in a switch fail to egress after removing the ports from service VLAN.
xos0074611 Label mismatch issues between LDP routers after enabling LDP loop detection.
xos0074924 VPLS: VP leak occurs when switching pseudowire path from RSVP to LDP and vice versa.
xos0074795 Port flaps cause FDB learning to stop on network VLAN ports.
Network Login
xos0072913 After timing out on Dot1x supplicant expiry timer, switch does not respond to EAPOL start packets received from supplicants.
xos0072483 ExtremeSwitching X690, X870 and X590 series switches do not support 100G Optic/AOC cables on stacking ports.
xos0072824 Need support for the following cables:
  • 10304 Siemon 900074-10-03-L-ENG 1m 24AWG SFP+
  • 10305 Siemon 900075-10-03-L-ENG 3m 24AWG SFP+
  • 10306 Siemon 900076-10-03-L-ENG 5m 24AWG SFP+
  • 10307 Siemon 900077-10-03-L-ENG 10m 24AWG SFP+
xos0073995 Need to avoid bringing down OSPF neighborship when neighbor is restarted gracefully.
xos0074073 SNMP get for entPhySensorOperStatus returns "unavailable" for QSFP optics.
xos0074200 The OPNEXT transceiver device does not link reliably on ExtremeSwitching X690 and X590series switches.
xos0074595 Even though the port speed is properly configured, the 100G ports port speed compatibility log message appears.
xos0063567 OSPF stops exporting static routes when NSSA area export is disabled.
xos0072684 Router LSAs are dropped if they contains more than 400+ links.
xos0072748 After rebooting the switch, OSPF address range conflict error messages appear when summarized route range subnets between the OSPF areas overlap.
xos0073893 ExtremeXOS generates incorrect values for remote interface sub-TLV in OSPF type 10 LSAs.
xos0073995 Need to avoid bringing down OSPF neighborship when neighbor is restarted gracefully.
xos0071673 Need a provision to modify the default precedence of OnePolicy profile rules.
xos0072647 The polMgr process ends unexpectedly on backup MSM after executing refresh policy, and then unconfigure policy.
xos0075057 Traffic drop occurs when receiving LLDP packets on the ONEPolicy admin profile configured port.
xos0066643 NetLogin session is not cleared in session timeout when session timeout is received from RADIUS attribute.
xos0072335 Dot1X client remains authenticated and is not moved to destination VLAN returned by RADIUS from guest VLAN even after enabling EAPOL on client computer.
xos0072801 If a NetLogin MAC address entry is learned on multiple VLANs, then the entry is re-authenticated only in the first VLAN on which it was authenticated.
xos0072944 Unable to list directory contents using SFTP.
xos0072957 ExtremeXOS command needs provision to support CEP precedence for authentication protocol order.
xos0073163 Unable to enable policy from initial Extreme Management Center enforce due to timeout of ACL resource reservation.
xos0073224 In Policy mode, dynamically added ports on a VLAN for a MAC session are not removed from the VLAN even though the MAC session is overwritten by a Dot1x session.
xos0073312 Note should be displayed when configuring Dot1x server timeout, such that the value should be greater than RADIUS server timeout.
xos0073320 Need new commands to enable/disable external Python script execution that is enabled by default.
xos0073378 With FIPS mode enabled, and after upgrading from ExtremeXOS 16.1, Exsshd process ends unexpectedly with signal 11 when attempting to log on to SSH.
xos0073516 NetLogin-authenticated clients are cleared with the reason admin-reset when other clients that were earlier authenticated on that port existing under a terminated session moved to non-NetLogin port.
xos0073578 The traffic destined to the web-redirect server is blocked when default drop is applied to a profile with "pvid 0".
xos0073897 In OnePolicy, new policy profiles received on re-authentication from RADIUS/NAC servers do not take effect.
xos0073972 TACACS does not successfully authenticate when using 2FA.
xos0074435 Netlogin Dot1x authentication fails if port has already been moved to authentication failure VLAN, and VLAN VSA for Dot1x authentication is not supplied in the RADIUS accept packet.
xos0074567 NetLogin authenticated clients are cleared due to admin reset when MAC move occurs.
xos0074606 NetLogin users are authenticated to random destinations when destination VLAN attributes from the RADIUS server are not received.
xos0074910 Captive portal stops working when more clients try to access the captive portal page.
xos0073188 When App Telemetry Analytics is configured, sFlow warnings appear in logs on VPEX-enabled ports.
xos0070831 Value set for CEP for SNMP MIB etsysMultiAuthSystemAdminPrecedence object is omitted after reboot/restart of NetLogin process.
xos0073019 SNMP get next on ctAliasProtocolAddressInterface MIB table does not return correct next OID.
xos0073216 Fetching values using SNMP for "entPhySensorEntry" gives incorrect values.
xos0073251 Snmpmaster process ends unexpectedly in rare cases when packets received at an application fail.
xos0074058 SNMPwalk to fetch user-created VRs neighbor-discovery always returns vr-Default information.
xos0065997 In SummitStacks with ring topology, when a backup node is rebooting, the standby node also gets rebooted.
xos0071254 Login issues occur when using Telnet to connect to other slots from master node with RADIUS mgmt-access enabled.
xos0072870 On SummitStacks, slots are very slow to become operational if learning is disabled on multiple VLANs.
Software watchdog expiration and kernel threads stuck error messages occur in stack setup.
10/03/2018 11:39:00.91 <Crit:Kern.Card.Alert> Slot-1: CPU 0: Kernel thread was stuck for 5.00 seconds, time: 444947377 msec 10/03/2018 
11:38:58.40 <Crit:Kern.Card.Alert> Slot-1: CPU 0: soft watchdog expiration warning at 76ab5288 (0x76ab5288) for 2 seconds, process exstm (1988)
xos0073370 ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 and X620 series switches are not stable when used in a stack.
xos0072978 Dot1x authentication fails when Dot1x state machine remains in aborting state for the client.
xos0073002 Need "smart refresh" support for IPv6 policies.
xos0073619 If a slot containing a LAG member port is powered down, then that traffic initially forwarded through the LAG member port may be dropped for up to 20 seconds.
xos0074176 CPU-originated packets are double tagged with an incorrect outer tag of zero if they originate from master and egress out of a non-master node through another transit slot.
xos0071418 Ports configured for BPDU restriction are re-enabled on recovery-timeout even if administratively disabled.
xos0074195 Continuous DM error messages are logged if MLAG and STP are configured on stacks containing ONIE series switches (X870, X690).
xos0074481 All participating VLANs are removed from STP after deleting one port + VLAN from the STP domain.
xos0075207 In the ExtremeXOS User Guide STP Chapter, the statement about "STPD VLANs" should be removed.
xos0064449 VLAN process ends unexpectedly with signal 11 when disable sharing port/delete VLAN ports with ESRP configuration.
xos0074374 ExtremeXOS does not support port VLAN monitoring on PSTAG ports.
xos0074871 EMS log message should be generated when a port cannot be added to a VLAN.
xos0074912 Traffic loss occurs with VLAN configuration after a save and reboot.
xos0072581 In VRRP IPv6 environment, router advertisement with link-local IPv6 interface address causes host connectivity issues.
xos0073573 VRRP IPv6 VMAC is installed as IPv4 VMAC when VLAN ID is changed.