Using the Command Modes

The CLI (command-line interface) groups commands into modes according to the command function. Each of the command modes supports specific 200 Series software commands. The commands in one mode are not available until you switch to that particular mode, with the exception of the User EXEC mode commands. You can execute the User EXEC mode commands in the Privileged EXEC mode.

The command prompt changes in each command mode to help you identify the current mode. Commonly Used CLI Command Modes lists some of the most commonly used command-mode prompts. For information about other command modes, see ExtremeSwitching 200 Series: Command Reference Guide.

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Commonly Used CLI Command Modes

Command Mode Prompt Mode Description
User EXEC Extreme nnn> Contains a limited set of commands to view basic system information.
Privileged EXEC Extreme nnn# Allows you to issue any EXEC command, enter the VLAN mode, or enter the Global Configuration mode.
Global Config Extreme nnn (Config)# Groups general setup commands and permits you to make modifications to the running configuration.
VLAN Config Extreme nnn (Vlan)#


Extreme nnn (Vlan vlan_id)#

Groups all the VLAN commands.
Interface Config Extreme nnn (Interface unit/slot/port)#

Extreme nnn (Interface Loopback id)#

Extreme nnn (Interface Tunnel id)#

Extreme nnn (Interface unit/slot/port (startrange)-unit/slot/port(endrange)#

Manages the operation of one or more interfaces and provides access to the router interface configuration commands.

Use this mode to set up a physical port for a specific logical connection operation.

You can also use this mode to manage the operation of a set of interfaces or a range of interfaces. For example:
  • Extreme nnn (Interface 1/0/1,1/0/3) # manages interfaces 1/0/1 and 1/0/3.
  • Extreme nnn (Interface 1/0/1-1/0/4) # manages the range of interfaces from 1/0/1 through 1/0/4.
Extreme nnn (Interface vlan vlan-id)# Enters VLAN routing interface configuration mode for the specified VLAN ID.
Stack Global Config Mode Extreme nnn (Config stack)# Allows you to access the Stack Global Config Mode.

Accessing Common Command Modes describes how to access each of the common command modes. For information about accessing other command modes, see ExtremeSwitching 200 Series: Command Reference Guide.

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Accessing Common Command Modes

Command Mode Access Method
User EXEC This is the first level of access.
Privileged EXEC From the User EXEC mode, enter enable.
Global Config From the Privileged EXEC mode, enter configure.
VLAN Config From the Privileged EXEC mode, enter vlan database or vlan vlan_id.
Interface Config From the Global Config mode, enter:

interface unit/slot/port or

interface loopback id or

interface tunnel id

interface unit1/slot1/port1,unit2/slot2/port2,... (to manage more than one interface)

interface unit1/slot1/port1-unit2/slot2/port2- (to manage a range of interfaces)

interface vlan vlan-id

Stack Global Config Mode From the Global Config mode, enter the stack command.

To exit a mode and return to the previous mode, enter exit. To exit to Privileged EXEC mode, press [Ctrl]+[Z].



Pressing [Ctrl]+[Z] from Privileged EXEC mode exits to User EXEC mode. To exit User EXEC mode, enter logout.