Configuring SNMPv3

To configure SNMPv3 on a 200-Series switch, follow these steps.
  1. Log on to the switch.
  2. Enter enable to access Privileged EXEC mode.
  3. Create an SNMPv3 access group.

    For example:

    (Extreme 220) (Config)#snmp-server group group-name v3 priv read Default write Default notify Default

    This command creates an SNMPv3 access group that can be accessed only when using both authentication and encryption (priv operand).

    The command specifies a default view, which includes the whole SNMP tree, for GET requests, SET requests, and traps (read, write, and notify operands, respectively). You can configure your own views using the snmp-server view command.

  4. Define an SNMPv3 user for accessing the system.

    For example:

    (Extreme 220) (Config)#snmp-server user user-name group-name auth-sha auth_pasword priv-des priv_pasword

    This command defines a user for the group you defined in step 3. The user name you select must match a user name configured on the SNMP server.

    In this example, a SHA-1 password is defined (auth-sha operand); alternatively, you can use MD5 authentication (auth-md5 operand).

    A DES password is also defined for encryption (priv-des operand). AES encryption is not available.

The SNMPv3 group is ready for use.