Configure the Switch for Use

To perform the initial login and complete the initial configuration tasks, follow these steps from the management console.

  1. Log in to the console using admin as the default login name and password as the default password.

    As login to the device occurs, you are prompted to change the device passwords.

    Please change passwords for switch default accounts now.
    Use Control-C to exit or press 'Enter' key to proceed.
  2. Press Enter to step through a procedure to change the passwords as shown in the following example. To skip modifying the password, press Ctrl+C.
    Warning:  Access to  the Root  and Factory accounts may be 
    required  for proper  support  of  the switch.  Please  ensure  the Root 
    and Factory passwords are  documented in a secure location.  Recovery of 
    a lost Root or Factory password will result in fabric downtime.
    for user - admin
    Changing password for admin
    Enter old password: 
    Enter new password: 
    Re-type new password: 
    passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully

    Passwords can be 8 through 40 characters long. They must begin with an alphabetic character. They can include numeric characters, the period (.), and the underscore (_) only. Passwords are case-sensitive, and they are not displayed when you enter them on the command line. For more information on passwords, refer to Extreme SLX-OS Security Configuration Guide for the Extreme 8820 device.

The switch is ready for use.

To configure other switch features, see Extreme SLX-OS Layer 2 Switching Configuration Guide .