Meet Building and Electrical Codes

Building and electrical codes vary depending on your location. Comply with all code specifications when planning your site and installing cable. This section lists resources for obtaining additional information.

For information about major building codes, consult the following organization:

International Code Council (ICC) 5203 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22041 USA

The organizations who are the authorities on electrical codes are listed in the table Authorities on Electrical codes below.

Table 1. Authorities on Electrical Codes
Organization Address Web Site URL

National Electrical Code (NEC) Classification (USA only)

Recognized authority on safe electrical wiring. Federal, state, and local governments use NEC standards to establish their own laws, ordinances, and codes on wiring specifications. The NEC classification is published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


1 Batterymarch Park

Quincy, MA 02169


Underwriters‘ Laboratory (UL)

Independent research and testing laboratory. UL evaluates the performance and capability of electrical wiring and equipment to determine whether they meet certain safety standards when properly used. Acceptance is usually indicated by the words “UL Approved” or “UL Listed.”


333 Pfingsten Road

Northbrook, IL 60062


National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA) (USA only)

Organization of electrical product manufacturers. Members develop consensus standards for cables, wiring, and electrical components.


1300 N. 17th Street

Rosslyn, VA 22209


Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)

Trade association that develops technical standards, disseminates marketing data, and maintains contact with government agencies in matters relating to the electronics industry.


111 Alderman Drive

Suite 400

Alpharetta, GA 30005


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (USA only)

Commission that regulates all interstate and foreign electrical communication systems that originate in the United States according to the Communications Act of1934. The FCC regulates all U.S. telephone and cable systems.


445 12th Street S.W.

Washington, DC 20554