Install Your Switch

Before you attempt to install or remove an Extreme Networks switch or router, read the precautions in Safety Considerations for Installation.

Extreme Networks switches and routers fit into standard 19-inch equipment racks.

A four-post rack-mounting kit is provided with the device. A two-post kit can be ordered separately.

The installation process includes the following tasks:

  1. Prepare to install the device. See What You Will Need for the Installation.
  2. Install the device in the rack. See Attach Your Device to a Rack or Cabinet.
  3. Install optional components: optical transceivers and cables. See the instructions in Install Optional Components.
  4. If your device does not come with an installed internal power supply, install one or two power supplies. See Install Internal Power Supplies.


    Be aware of whether the power supply you are installing is AC-powered or a DC-powered. The installation instructions are different depending upon what type of power is used.
  5. Power up the device. See Turn on the Device.
  6. Connect network interface cables. See Connect Network Interface Cables.
  7. Perform initial network connection and configuration. See Activate and Verify Your Switch.