Control the Temperature

Extreme Networks equipment generates a significant amount of heat. It is essential that you provide a temperature-controlled environment for both performance and safety.

Install the equipment only in a temperature- and humidity-controlled indoor area that is free of airborne materials that can conduct electricity. Too much humidity can cause a fire. Too little humidity can produce electrical shock and fire.

Observe these additional thermal recommendations for the location where you plan to install your equipment:

When internal system temperatures exceed the thermal shutdown temperature limit (typically about 20°C higher than normal system operating temperatures), the system‘s power supplies are turned off and the switch shuts down. The system remains in the OFF state until the system has sufficient time to cool and the internal thermal sensor measures a temperature lower than the maximum specified ambient temperature, at which time the system restarts automatically.

Alternately, you can restart the system immediately by removing and then restoring all line power to the system.

Safeguards are built into all Extreme Networks switches and power supply units to minimize the risk of fire.