Introduction to Guest Essentials Configuration

This guide covers the following high-level tasks:


To configure the network, you need an access point connected to ExtremeCloud IQ and a wireless client to test the guest service set identifier (SSID).

Before you begin, you must understand which configurations and processes run on ExtremeCloud IQ and which are created within ExtremeGuest Essentials. The reason for this is if you make a configuration change in ExtremeCloud IQ, you must push an update to the access point from the cloud. However, ExtremeGuest Essentials independently saves changes, so need to push changes to access points.

When a user connects to the guest network, ExtremeCloud IQ sends guest authentication requests to the ExtremeGuest Essentials process in the cloud and evaluation is performed according to the workflow defined in the onboarding policy.

When deploying the ExtremeGuest Essentials solution, configure the following in ExtremeCloud IQ: