Additional ACL Match Condition

In the ExtremeXOS 16.2 User Guide in ACL > ACL Rule Syntax > ACL Rule Syntax Details section


In the ACL Match Conditions table, the following match condition should be added:
Match Conditions Description Applicable IP Protocols/Direction
packet-lookupstatus status1 {, status2 {, status3}}
Matches if the packet‘s lookup status satisfies all the statuses listed in the match condition. The lookup status value can be one of the following:
  • destination-mac-hit or destination-mac-miss
  • source-mac-miss or source-mac-hit or source-mac-move
  • source-mac-static

For example:

packet-lookup-status destination-mac-hit

packet-lookup-status destination-mac-miss, source-mac-hit

packet-lookup-status source-mac-move, source-mac-static

Ingress only