Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Mirroring Enhancement

This feature enhances the mirroring capabilities in ExtremeXOS by adding IPFIX flow traffic support, in addition to the previously supported port and VLAN traffic. With the ability to mirror IPFIX flow traffic, you can leverage the combined capabilities of Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) and ExtremeAnalytics to provide additional information about flows. IPFIX can detect flows and collect flow statistics, but it cannot do deep packet payload inspections. ExtremeAnalytics, however, can do deep packet inspection beyond Layer 4, if it is provided with a copy of the packet payload. This feature mirrors the first 15 packets of any IPFIX flow to a port where ExtremeAnalytics is able to receive the packets for deep packet inspection.

Supported Platforms

  • Summit X460, X460-G2 series switches
  • BlackDiamond X8 series switches (40G12X-XL, 100G4X-XL, and 100G4X)

Changed CLI Commands

Changes are underlined.

configure mirror {mirror_name | mirror_name_li} add | delete [vlan name {ingress | port port {ingress}} | ip-fix | port port {vlan name {ingress} | ingress | egress | ingress-and-egress | anomaly}]

The output of the following show command is changed (shown in bold):

# show mirror 

DefaultMirror   (Disabled) 
    Description:    Default Mirror Instance, created automatically 
    Mirror to port: - 

MyMirror   (Disabled) 
    Mirror to port: 2:1 
    Source filters configured :  
        Ports 2:2-3, all vlans, ingress and egress  
        Port  2:5, ip-fix