NTP Status Change Notifications

The NTP status change notification gives the current operational status of the NTP entity that contains the following new entry.

Table 1. NTP status change-MIB Objects
Trap Name and OID Varbind Description
ntpEntNotifModeChange ntpEntStatusCurrentMode This notification is generated when the NTP entity changes mode such as not running, not synchronised.
ntpEntStatusCurrentMode NA The current mode of the NTP. The definition of each possible value is: notRunning(1) - NTP is not running.

notSynchronized(2) - NTP is not synchronized to any time source (stratum =16).

noneConfigured(3) - NTP is not synchronized and does not have a reference configured (stratum =16).

syncToLocal(4) - NTP is distributing time based on its local clock (degraded accuracy and/or reliability).

syncToRefclock(5) - NTP is synchronized to a local hardware refclock (e.g., GPS).

syncToRemoteServer(6) - NTP is synchronized to a remote NTP server ('upstream' server). unknown(99) - The state of NTP is unknown.