CPU utilization MIB

The following table lists the slot number of module, CPU utilization interval, and CPU utilization 100th percent values.

Table 1. bcsiModuleCpuUtilTable
Objects and OID Description

bcsiModuleCpuUtilTable .

The table is to list utilization for all CPUs.

Access Type: MAX-ACCESS not-accessible


A row in the CPU utilization table.

Type: BcsiModuleCpuUtilEntry

Access Type: MAX-ACCESS not-accessible


This object holds the slot number of the module that contains the CPU. Slot number in SLX are: MM1 = 1, MM2 = 2, LC1 = 3, LC2 = 4 and so on.

Type: Integer32

Access Type: MAX-ACCESS not-accessible


This object holds the value, in seconds, for this CPU utilization. CPU utilizations for the last 60 sec, 300 sec and 900 sec intervals are supported.

Type: Integer32

Access Type: MAX-ACCESS not-accessible


This object holds the statistical CPU utilization in units of one-hundredth of a percent. For example, a value of 200 indicates 2 percent utilization.

Type: Gauge32

Access Type: MAX-ACCESS read-only