Deploy the OVA

Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) is an OVF file packaged with a base image Ubuntu image and installed with EFA.

Before you begin

  • The virtual machine (VM) on which you deploy the OVA requires a network adapter with a valid IP address and DNS. You use the IP address when you configure the SLX devices to forward syslog entries to the VM. The VM needs DNS configuration to resolve the URL during setup and forwarding of events to the notification subscriber.
  • The VM must be able to access devices and the notification subscriber.
  • For networks without DHCP, you must assign valid, static IP addresses and DNS. Then reboot the VM. Ensure that all services are up and running before running commands.

About this task

OVA is compatible with VMware ESXi servers and can be deployed with VMware products. For more information about supported Ubuntu versions, see Supported Platforms and Deployment Models for Fabric Manager.

There are two OVAs for the users to choose from. Use the OVA image for new installations only.



Do not use the following IP addresses, which are used by the K3s service:
  • subnet
  • subnet
  • subnet
  • fd42::/48 subnet
  • fd43::/112 subnet


  1. Download the efa-3.1.0.ova file for fabric manager or the xco-xvm-3.1.0.ova file for visibility manager.
  2. Verify the PGP signature as described in article 48172 on the Extreme Portal.
  3. Deploy the OVA on the hypervisor.
  4. Use the following credentials and move to Configure OVA using Postboot Menu.
    The credentials for the OVA installation are one of the following:
    • User name/Password: ubuntu/ubuntu
    • User name/Password: root/dca123