Single CLI for HA Ping-target Parameter

During installation, EFA connectivity to a gateway is mandatory. It relies on an explicit PING or ICMP request. If the gateway connectivity fails, the installation will fail.

In the scenario where the gateway address is obtained via the standard VRRP, then the PING or ICMP request fails. This results in EFA installation failure.

The new parameter ping-target is provided in single CLI so that instead of pinging the default gateway, it pings from both the nodes to the ping-target IP addresses. If the ping-target is not reachable from any of the nodes, then the installation or upgrade fails.

A maximum of two IP addresses can be given as input to ping-target. The IP addresses can be IPv4 or IPv6.

If you have installed EFA with ping-target, and while upgrading the ping-target argument is not given, it will retain old values of ping-target and pings to the old ping-target IP addresses. If you do not want to ping to the old ping-target IP addresses, the “clear” option can be given to ping-target so that it clears the old values and ping the default gateway.

If you have installed without ping-target, it will ping the default-gateway. If you have given ping-target during upgrade, it will ping the new ping-target IP addresses, otherwise it will ping the default-gateway.

Single CLI Commands

Following table provides the list of single CLI commands supported on SLX:

With or without sub-interface Commands
Without sub-interface #efa deploy non-interactive multi-node package <packagename> peer-node <ipaddress> vip4 <ip-address> ping-target <clear|<ip address1>,[ip address2]>
With sub-interface efa deploy non-interactive multi-node package <packagename> peer-node <ipaddress> vip4 <ip-address> ping-target <ip address>,[ip address2] management-ip sub-interface-name <sub-intf-name> sub-vlan-id <vlanid> external-subnet <ip-address> external-v6-subnet <virtual ip with ipv6 subnet>
Note: The external-v6-subnet paramenter is not mandatory.