EFA Deployment for High Availability

You can deploy EFA in a two-node cluster for high availability.


A high-availability cluster is a group of servers that provide continuous up time, or at least minimum down time, for the applications on the servers in the group. If an application on one server fails, another server in the cluster maintains the availability of the application.

In the following diagram, EFA is deployed in the TPVM running on SLX-OS. The two EFA instances are clustered and configured with one IP address, so that clients need to reach only one endpoint. All EFA services are installed on each node. The node on which EFA is installed is the active node and processes all requests. The other node is the standby. The standby node runs processes all the requests when the active node fails.

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Two-node high-availability deployment
Extreme Fabric Automation deployment for high availability in multi-node deployments

All operations provided by EFA services must be idempotent, meaning they produce the same result for multiple identical requests or operations. For more information, see the "Idempotency" section of the Extreme Fabric Automation Administration Guide, 3.1.0 .

EFA uses the following services to implement an HA deployment:



Although Kubernetes run as a single-node cluster tied to the virtual IP, EFA CLIs still operate correctly when they are run from active or standby node. Commands are converted to REST and issued over HTTPS to the ingress controller via the virtual IP tied to the active node.

The efa status confirms the following:


NH-1# show efa status
               EFA version details
Version : 3.1.0
Build: 109
Time Stamp: 22-10-25:12:45:44
Mode: Secure
Deployment Type: multi-node
Deployment Platform: TPVM
Deployment Suite: Fabric Automation
Virtual IP:
Node IPs:,
--- Time Elapsed: 8.512402ms ---

               EFA Status
| Node Name | Role    | Status | IP            |
| tpvm2     | active  | up     | |
| tpvm      | standby | up     | |
--- Time Elapsed: 19.168973841s --