TPVM Upgrade Workflow Dependencies

Before you start the TPVM upgrade, review the TPVM config and registration dependencies.

TPVM Configuration Persistence

The TPVM running-config and operational data (including the TPVM image version and TPVM IP address) from the SLX device are persisted in the EFA DB. The following table describes the TPVM configurations that are persisted in the EFA DB.

TPVM Config SLX Command Execution Stage Type Value Description
auto-boot Install only Boolean Exists or does not exist Must always be enabled for an EFA TPVM.
password Pre-start only string An encoded non-clear text password string. If does not exist then default is “password”. Extreme user password will not be clear-text in the running-config. Using encoded password string will still configure the SLX TPVM properly. If no password is set then default “password” is used.

interface management

  • ip
  • gw
Pre-start only string
  • “dhcp” or “IPv4 address”
  • “IPv4 address”
If configured as dhcp, the EFA must still fetch the existing management IP and Gateway IP to validate that the TPVM IP remains the same after the upgrade or node replacement.

interface insight

  • ipv4
  • gw

Pre-start only string
  • “dhcp” or “IPv4 address”
  • “IPv4 address”
hostname Post-start string “hostname”
timezone Post-start string “timezone”
dns server Post-start string “FQDN” or “IPv4 address”
ntp server Post-start string “FQDN” or “IPv4 address”


  • host
  • port
  • secure
  • basedn
  • rootdn
  • password
  • “FQDN” or “IPv4 address” or “IPv6 address”
  • 0-65535
  • Exists or not exists
  • Base domain name
  • Root domain name
  • Root domain name password

ldap ca-cert

  • protocol
  • user
  • password
  • host
  • directory
  • filename
Post-start string
  • “scp”
  • Username
  • Password
  • “IPv4 address”
  • Directory
  • Filename
The ca-cert for LDAP must be stored on the firmware-host and for EFA to support the node replacement. The ca-cert can also have IPv6 address.


  • ip
  • password
  • sudo-user
Post-start string
  • “IPv4 address”
  • Sudo user password
  • Sudo username
Trusted-peer config typically exist on one of the EFA nodes. Push this config to the correct node after the upgrade.
deploy Install Boolean
  • Exist
  • Does not exist
Installs, starts, and applies the configurations to the TPVM instance.

Device Registration Enhancements

The complete existing TPVM config information will be persisted in the EFA DB when the device is registered, and only during the initial device registration. The TPVM running-config config information is read and stored during the deep device discovery phase so that user visible device registration times are not impacted. The TPVM config will only be fetched and stored during the initial device registration and not during subsequent device updates.

Timer-based TPVM Config Updates

A timer is set up to poll daily data for any TPVM config changes and persist any new TPVM config changes for EFA HA peer managed devices.