Redundant Management Network Overview

Redundant Management Network provides fault tolerance for the management path. This is done using Linux bonding by pairing the physical management port of the chassis with any one of the physical front panel user ports.

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Redundant Management Network Overview
Linx bonding pairs the physical management port with a front panel user port.

Linux Bonding

The redundant-management enable command can be used to pair one of the front panel ports with the conventional Mgmt 0 port to form a Linux Bonding interface, bond0 at SLX Linux OS.

Supported Ports

Any SLX front panel port can be used at native speed and property for Linux Bonding.



  • SLX 9640 and SLX 9150 - Preferred ports are 10G/1G port in 1G mode.
  • SLX 9640 - Avoid Insight port 0/24.
  • SLX 9250 - Breakout mode 4x1G ports are available to support the Mellanox adapter with 1G transceiver. Because the adapter occupies the whole cage, only the first member port (:1) can be used as redundant management interface.
  • 8720 has a dual management port. It does not need RME CLI.

No Redundancy Period

Redundancy is not supported if the device is reloaded or in ZTP mode.

Standby Port Rate Throughput

Since internal path for Standby traffic is Control Plane traffic on PCIe Channel between ASIC and CPU, its function of internal CPU load is totally unrelated and independent of front panel physical port limit and capability.