Upgrade EFA, SLX-OS, and TPVM Method 1

Use this upgrade method if the old base version of TPVM is newer than 4.4.0.

About this task

This option is the preferred method for upgrading EFA, SLX-OS, and TPVM. For more information about supported versions, see Supported Platforms and Deployment Models for Fabric Manager.

In the following procedure, SLX1 refers to the active EFA node (TPVM1). SLX2 refers to the standby EFA node (TPVM2).


  1. Upgrade EFA to the latest version.
    1. Back up EFA.
      efa system backup
      For more information, see "Back up and Restore the EFA System" in the Extreme Fabric Automation Command Reference, 3.1.0 .
    2. SCP the backup file to a location outside of TPVM, such as the /efaboot partition of SLX-OS where the EFA image is kept.
    3. Copy the EFA image to the /efaboot directory on SLX1.
    4. Deploy EFA on any of the SLX.
      efa deploy
    5. When prompted, select Multi Node Build Upgrade.


      If the upgrade process returns cfg-refreshed, run a manual Drift and Reconcile on all devices.
  2. Upgrade SLX-OS to the latest version.

    An SLX-OS upgrade from 20.2.3x to 20.3.2x needs a full install. The procedure performs fabric-wide firmware download by staging the devices in multiple groups with no traffic disruption. Complete the following steps to download firmware on all the devices in the fabric.

    1. From the EFA command line on TPVM1 (the active node), upgrade SLX2 to the latest SLX-OS version.
      efa inventory firmware-host register --ip <fw-host-ip> 
      --protocol scp --username <username> --password <password>
    2. From the EFA command line on SLX1, upgrade SLX-OS from 20.2.3x to 20.3.2b.
      efa inventory device firmware-download prepare add --fabric <fabric name> 
      --firmware-host <fw-host-ip> --firmware-directory <fw-path>
      efa inventory device firmware-download prepare list --fabric <fabric name>
      efa inventory device firmware-download execute --fabric <fabric name> 
      efa inventory device firmware-download show --fabric <fabric name>
  3. From the EFA command line, upgrade TPVM1 (SLX1) and TPVM2 (SLX2) to the latest TPVM version using TPVM incremental upgrade image.

    For more details, refer TPVM Incremental Upgrade.

    1. Back up EFA.
    efa system backup
    1. Verify the TPVM status on SLX1 and SLX2. Ensure both TPVMs are in running state.
      device# show tpvm status
    2. From the active EFA command line run the following command to upgrade TPVM1 and TPVM2.

      This is applicable for SLX version 20.4.1 and EFA version 3.0.0 and above.

      efa inventory device tpvm-upgrade execute --ip<SLX1-IP>,<SLX2-IP>,
      --firmware-host <fw-host-ip> --tpvm-image <path-for-tpvm_inc_upg.deb>
    3. From the EFA command line, verify the TPVM upgrade process.
      efa inventory device tpvm-upgrade show -–ip <SLX1-IP>,<SLX2-IP>
    4. When the status of the upgrade is complete, perform the following (from the EFA command line) on both nodes.
      • Run efa status to verify that both nodes are up.
      • Run sudo efactl status to verify that all pods on the active node are in Running state.
      • Run sudo efactl db-status to verify that the MariaDB is active (running)
    5. If there is a “System restart required” message in “efa inventory device tpvm-upgrade show” or on TPVM consoles after the upgrade of TPVMs, reboot the TPVM2 (standby) first, and wait for TPVM2 to come up. This step ensures that the services are running with “efactl status” followed by the reboot of TPVM1 (active).