EFA Port Requirements

The following tables identify ports that must be available and not used by other services. EFA installation fails if a required port is not available.

Table 1. General port requirements
Port Service
80 EFA HTTP requests
162 EFA SNMP notifications
443 EFA HTTPs requests
514 Syslog service
3306 MariaDB port
6443 K3S
6514 Secure syslog service
8078 Monitoring service
8079 Host authentication
10010 Containerd
30085 OpenStack service
5672 Rabbitmq
15672 Rabbitmq management
Table 2. Port requirements for high availability
Port Service
53 Node local DNS for Kubernetes
4567 Galera cluster replication port
4568 Galera incremental state transfer
24007 GlusterFS daemon
24008 GlusterFS management
49152 through 49251 GlusterFS bricks