EFA Installation on TPVM

TPVM (Third-Party Virtual Machine) is a general server that resides on some Extreme SLX devices. When EFA is deployed on a TPVM, no other applications must run on that TPVM.


In a TPVM deployment, EFA is a microservice-based fabric automation engine that leverages the K3S Kubernetes cluster as an underlying infrastructure for the EFA services deployment. You can install or upgrade the EFA application on a TPVM with one SLX-OS command.

The EFA application binary is shipped with the SLX devices, along with the binaries for SLX-OS and the TPVM. Decoupling EFA from SLX-OS allows for upgrades to EFA without a need to upgrade SLX-OS or the TPVM. EFA can be deployed on one of the SLX devices in the fabric to manage the fabric.

EFA on TPVM is supported only on the platforms described in Supported Platforms and Deployment Models for Fabric Manager.

You can find the EFA package tar.gz file under the /efaboot directory of the SLX device. This applies to a fresh install or upgrade of EFA. For an incremental EFA image upgrade, you can copy the EFA tar.gz file to the /efaboot directory on the SLX device before the deployment.



For the supported commands for packet and fabric suites for a single deployement, see EFA Installer Improvements for Server-Based Deployment.


TPVM must be installed and running on the SLX device. You can accomplish these tasks by running the tpvm deploy command on the SLX device.

Specify the configuration of TPVM under the config mode.

This example configures the NTP, IP, Timezone, Hostname, and DNS configurations.
SLX-1# show run tpvm
tpvm TPVM
 dns primary-server secondary-server domain corp.extremenetworks.com
 hostname tpvm
 timezone America/Los_Angeles
 interface management ip gw

See the Extreme SLX-OS Command Reference for more examples of using this command.

Supported deployments

You can install EFA on TPVM in a single-node deployment or in a multi-node deployment for high availability. For more information, see Install EFA on TPVM in a Single-Node Deployment and Install EFA on TPVM in a Multi-Node Deployment.