What's New In This Document

The following table describes changes to this guide for the Extreme Visibility Manager 6.1.0 software release.

Table 1. Summary of changes
Feature Description Topic
IPv6 Support for devices with IPv6 addresses.
TACACS+ Support for TACACS+ for user authentication.
PCAP Support for packet capture on SLX devices. Start a PCAP on SLX Devices
UDA Support for creating UDA profiles for SLX and MLX devices. Managing User-Defined ACL Profiles
Configuration export Support for exporting device configuration from an SLX or MLX device to an Extreme 9920 device. Export the Device Configuration
SNMPv3 Support for discovering devices through SNMPv3.
Running configuration The feature once known as persist configuration is now called save running configuration. Save the Running Configuration of SLX and MLX Devices
Custom dashboards Support for deleting a custom dashboard. Delete a Custom Dashboard
User logs Support for viewing user log-in and log-out transactions. View User Logs
System monitoring logs Support for viewing system-generated alerts related to infrastructure resources and node health. View System Monitoring Logs
Counters Support for deleting specific counters. Clear Device Counters
Inventory Support for retrieving and viewing device details such as chassis and line card information.
Location Support for deleting locations. Delete a Location
Egress interface Support for VxLAN mirroring to an egress interface. Configure a Traffic Mirror for 9920 Devices
Ingress group for Extreme 9920 Support for configuring inner and outer tunnels and associating a mirror. Create an Ingress Group for a 9920 Device
Device slot configuration Support for updating the slot configuration for MLX devices. Slot-Level Device Configuration
Log filtering Support for filtering the lists of system and device logs.
Loopback Support for configuring a loopback interface on SLX or MLX devices.
Firmware upgrade Support for upgrading the firmware of a managed device.