ExtremeSwitching 200 Series Switches

The ExtremeSwitching 210 and 220 series switches are compact enclosures 1.75 inches high (1 U). Each switch model provides 12, 24, or 48 high-density copper or fiber optic ports operating at speeds up to 10 Gbps. PoE connections are available on some models.

The 220 series 24-port and 48-port switches make provision for redundant power supplies.

Model numbers for the switches use the following format:

Series Number_of_Ports Port_Type SFP_Ports
  • Series = The switch series – either 210 or 220
  • Number_of_Ports = The number of front-panel I/O ports, for example 24 or 48.
  • Port_Type = Either t (copper) or p (copper providing Power over Ethernet, or PoE).
  • SFP_Ports = The number and type of additional SFP or SFP+ ports that can transmit at 1 GbE or 10GbE speeds
For example, the 220-48p-10GE4 switch:
  • Is part of the 220 series.
  • Has 48 ports of copper providing PoE.
  • Has four ports that can transmit at 10GbE speed.
The following sections provide detailed descriptions of the switches:
  • ExtremeSwitching 210-12t-GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 210-12p-GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 210-24t-GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 210-24p-GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 210-48t-GE4 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 210-48p-GE4 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 220-12t-10GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 220-12p-10GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 220-24t-10GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 220-24p-10GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 220-48t-10GE4 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 220-48p-10GE4 switch