Selecting Power Supply Cords

A power input cord is included in the product packaging for your switch .If additional cords are needed, you can obtain them as follows.

You can purchase a power cord for your product and for your specific country from your local Extreme Networks Channel Account Manager or Sales Manager, or you can purchase a cord from your local supplier. Requirements for the power cord are listed in the Technical Specifications for your product.

To locate a Sales Manager or Partner in your region, visit



This equipment is not intended to be directly powered by power distribution systems where phase-phase voltages exceed 240 VAC (2P+PE), such as those used in Norway, France, and other countries. For these applications it is recommended that a transformer be used to step down the voltage to < 240 VAC from phase-phase, or that you make a connection to a (P+N+PE) power distribution where voltages do not exceed 240 VAC.

All installations should confirm that the product is reliably grounded according to the country‘s local electrical codes.