Installing an RPS-500p in a Rack

To install the RPS-500p power supply in a 19-inch rack, you need the following:
  • Two rack-mounting brackets and mounting screws (rack-mounting kit) shipped with the power supply
  • Four customer-supplied screws to attach the power supply to a standard 19-inch rack


Observe all precautions when handling sensitive electronic equipment.


Before rack-mounting the device, ensure that the rack can support it without compromising stability. Otherwise, personal injury and/or equipment damage may result.

To install the RPS-500p in a rack, follow these steps.

  1. Attach the rack-mounting brackets to the RPS-500p using the eight M3x6mm flathead screws shipped with the power supply.
    See Attaching the Rack-Mounting Brackets.
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    Attaching the Rack-Mounting Brackets
    1 = Rack-mounting brackets (2) 2 = M3x6mm flathead screws (8)
  2. With the rack-mounting brackets attached, position the RPS-500p between the vertical rack rails of the 19-inch rack as shown in Fastening the RPS-500p to the Rack.
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    Fastening the RPS-500p to the Rack
    1 = RPS-500p 3 = Mounting screws (4)
    2 = Rails of 19-inch rack  
  3. Fasten the RPS-500p securely to the rack rails using four customer-supplied rack screws.
  4. Connect the RPS-500p to its power source.