Attaching a 24- or 48-Port Switch to a Rack

Before you begin the installation, refer to Pre-installation Requirements.

To mount your 210 or 220 series switch in a two-post rack, follow these steps.

For 12-port switches, see Mounting 12-Port Switches. 12-port switches are smaller than 24- and 48-port switches and are mounted differently.



Take care to load the rack so that it is not top-heavy. Start installing equipment at the bottom and work up.
  1. On one side of the switch, set a mounting bracket against the switch housing.

    Set the flange even with the front panel of the switch and use four chassis screws (provided) to secure the bracket to the switch. See Attaching a Rack-mounting Bracket.

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    Attaching a Rack-mounting Bracket
  2. Repeat step 1 to attach the other bracket to the other side of the switch.
  3. Slide the switch into the equipment rack or cabinet.

    Secure the mounting bracket flanges to the rack, using screws that are appropriate for the rack. (Rack-mounting screws are not provided.) See Sliding the Switch into the Rack.

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    Sliding the Switch into the Rack

After the switch is securely in place, install optional components using the instructions in Installing Optional Components.

Connect power to the switch. See Connecting Power to the Switch.