Installing an RPS-500p on a Flat Surface



Observe all precautions when handling sensitive electronic equipment.

When installing the RPS-500p power supply on a flat surface, we recommend installing the rubber feet to prevent the power supply from sliding.

To prepare the RPS-500p for use on a flat surface, follow these steps.

  1. On a sturdy flat surface, lay the power supply on its top.
  2. Remove the four rubber feet from their plastic bag in the shipping box.
  3. Remove the protective strip from the back of one rubber foot and position it on a bottom corner of the power supply.
    Press the rubber foot firmly into place.

    Repeat this step for each of the remaining three rubber feet.

  4. After installing the rubber feet, return the power supply to its upright position.
  5. Connect the RPS-500p to its power source.