Mounting a 12-Port Switch on a Wall

The 12-port 210 and 220 switch models are constructed so that they can be mounted on a wall. The wall should be strong enough to support the weight of the switch and its attached cables.

When the switch is attached to the wall, its front end will face down.

To mount a 12-port switch on a wall, you will need the following equipment:
  • 200-Series Wall Mount Kit (separately orderable; part number 16573), which includes:
    • Two short wall-mounting brackets
    • Eight bracket screws
    • Four anchor screws
    • Four hollow anchors, rated to hold the weight of the switch (about 2.5 kg, or 5.5 lb)
  • No. 1 Phillips screwdriver for attaching bracket hardware (a magnetic screwdriver is recommended)
  • Flat-head screwdriver for mounting the switches in the rack
The instructions in this section pertain to the following switch models:
  • ExtremeSwitching 210-12t-GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 210-12p-GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 220-12t-10GE2 switch
  • ExtremeSwitching 220-12p-10GE2 switch

To mount the switch on a wall, follow these steps.

  1. Using the two holes in each short mounting bracket, mark the places on the wall where the switch assembly will be mounted.
    Each mounting bracket has two mounting holes, so you will make four marks.

    The marks should be approximately 23 cm (9 in) apart. (The brackets are designed to allow some imprecision in the placement of the mounting screws.) Be sure to position the marks so that the switch will be level.

  2. Drill a hole at each mark.
    The hole should be about 30 mm (1.2 in) deep. For walls made of wood or drywall, the hole diameter should be between 6 and 7 mm (about 0.25 in).
  3. Insert a drywall or hollow anchor into each hole.
    Gently tap each anchor with a hammer, if necessary, to ensure that it is inserted tightly.
  4. Using four chassis screws, attach a wall-mounting bracket to the left side of the switch, at the front end.
    See Wall-Mount: Attaching a Wall-Mounting Bracket.
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    Wall-Mount: Attaching a Wall-Mounting Bracket
  5. In the same way, attach a wall-mounting bracket to the right side of the switch.
  6. Caution


    Two people should perform the following steps: one to hold the switch in place and one to attach it to the wall.

  7. Mount the switch assembly on the wall by screwing an anchor screw through each hole in the wall-mounting brackets into the anchors.
    See Wall-Mount: Mounting the Switch on the Wall.
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    Wall-Mount: Mounting the Switch on the Wall
  8. Check that all screws have been securely fastened and that the switch is firmly attached to the wall.

After the switch is securely in place, install optional components using the instructions in Installing Optional Components.

Connect power to the switch. See Connecting Power to the Switch.