Attach the Access Point to a Pole Using KT-147407-02 Pole Part and the KT-150173-01 Extension Arm

Before you begin

The access point can be mounted on a pole using the KT-147407-02 pole part and the KT-150173-01 extension arm.

The following hardware is required:
  • KT-147407-02 pole part
  • KT-150173-01 extension arm
  • Four M6 hex-head screws
  • Two M12 stainless-steel screws and nuts
  • Two 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) wide stainless-steel cable clamps
  • Access point

About this task

To install the access point on a pole:


  1. Attach one end of the KT-150173-01 extension arm to the access point using two M6 hex-head screws.
  2. Attach the KT-147407-02 pole part to the other end of the KT-150173-01 bracket using two hex-head M12 stainless-steel screws, and two hex-head M12 stainless-steel nuts.
  3. Attach the pole bracket to the pole.