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Table 1. New and revised information
Description Section
Support for the AIO-DQ15021-N antenna AIO-DQ15021-N Antenna
Install the AIO-DQ15021-N Antenna
Supported Antennas
Compliance updates for the AIO-DQ15021-N antenna. Federal Communications Commission(FCC) Notice
Industry Canada Notice
Detachable Antenna Usage

The ART03 bracket replaces the ART02 bracket. It is an articulating mounting bracket with the following features:

• Adjustable 7.5", 9", and 10.5" extension with 2-axis

• +/-80 degree in 10 degree increments

Access Point Mounting Options and Bracket Information
Install the Access Point on a Wall With the MBO-ART03 Bracket
Install the Access Point on a Pole with the MBO-ART03 and KT-147407-02 Brackets
Install the Access Point on a Unistrut Structure Using the MBO-ART03 Bracket