Install the Access Point on a Pole with the MBO-ART03 and KT-147407-02 Brackets

Before you begin

The following hardware is required to install your access point to a pole with the MBO-ART03 and KT-147407-02 brackets.

Table 1. Hardware Requirements
Quantity item
1 Access point.

KT-147407-02 bracket.


MBO-ART03 articulating mounting bracket.

2 M6 hex-head screws to attach the MBO-ART03 to the access point.

M6 screws with nuts and washers to attach KT-147407-02 to the MBO-ART03.


Long M6 Hex hex screws and nuts for providing an angular lock for each axis.

2 Cable clamps with a band of 0.5 in. (12.7 mm).

Cable clamps must be purchased seperately as they are not included.

1 Torque wrench with sockets.
1 Flat head screwdriver.

About this task

You can install your access point to a pole if you do not want to drill into a concret wall. With a pole, the access point coverage area can be greater because a pole is often higher than a wall.


  1. Attach the KT-147407-02 to the MBO-ART03 with two M6 screws, nuts, and washers.
  2. Attach both cable clamps to the KT-147407-02 bracket.

    You open the cable clamp by inserting the head of the flathead screwdriver into the retaining screw and turning the screw counterclockwise. Then insert the nonclamp end into the KT-147407-02 through the holes.

  3. Attach the two brackets to the pole.
  4. Tighten the cable clamp screw around the pole by turning the screws clockwise with a flathead screwdriver.
  5. Attach the access point to the MBO-ART03 with two M6 hex-head screws.
  6. Adjust the two pivot points until you are satisfied.
  7. Insert the locking bolts into the bracket and arm locking hole.
  8. Attach the nuts and torque to 45 inch-pounds.
  9. Tighten the pivot screws and nuts to 60 inch-pounds.
  10. Attach the safety hanger strap as per the local code.
  11. Adjust the LAN cable so the access point glands have a drip loop in each cable.
    The LAN cable must be located on the lower side for AP460i/e, AP560i, AP560h, and