Install the AIO-DQ15021-N Antenna

Before you begin

Install the AIO-DQ15021-N in accordance with all applicable local and national electrical code guidelines. Be familiar with the guidelines in your area before you install the antenna.

Read the technical specifications and radiation patterns. They can determine the antenna's location.

Confirm that the mounting hardware shipped with the antenna as listed in the table below.


The AIO-DQ15021-N antenna is only supported on the AP460e. It is supported on ExtremeCloud™ IQ Controller and it is intended for indoor stadiums and arenas for a campus mode deployment only. It is available in US and Canada only and only in 5G.

See Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Antennas Specifications Guide for instructions on installing other supported antennas.

Table 1. Mounting hardware
Quantity Item
2 Bracket, Flange
1 Bracket, Linkage
2 5/16 in. Flat Washer
2 5/16 in. Lock Washer
2 5/16 in. x 1-5/8 in Hex Head Bolt
2 5/16 in. Nut
2 Double Serrated Lock Washer
8 1/4 in. Flat Washer
8 1/4 in. Lock Washer
4 1/4 in. Nut
2 Clamp
4 Expansion Anchor
4 1/4 in. x 1-3/4 in. Hex Head Bolt
The AIO-DQ15021-N ships with an articulating mount for mast and wall installation. If you install on a wall, then use wall anchors or molly bolts so the antenna is secure.


Do not tighten or tamper with the cable entry glands on the antenna. This antenna is water proofed to IP67 specifications. Tampering with or tightening the cable entry glands damages the antenna water proofing and voids the warranty.

About this task

Install an internal antenna if you need greater control over Wi-Fi coverage or if you need to customize your coverage area.

For best results, mount the antenna in the center of the coverage area. A line-of-sight path between the antenna and the active area works best. Avoid mounting next to a column or vertical support that creates a shadow zone and reduces coverage.


Install the antenna before you connect the cable so the cable is not twisted or damaged.


  1. Attach the antenna mount to the exposed studs on the back of the antenna.
    Use four 1/4 -20 hex nuts, four 1/4 -20 flat washers, and four 1/4 in.-20 lock washers.
  2. Secure one side of the articulating arm to the antenna mount.
    Use one bolt size 5/16 in. x 1-5/8 in. (5), one 5-16 in. split lock wash, and two 5/16 in. flat washers, and one 5/16 in. hex nut.
  3. Mount the antenna on a wall:
    1. Mark holes locations.
      Use the other supplied antenna mount bracket as a template.
    2. Install four wall expansion anchors.
    3. Install the antenna mount bracket to the wall using four hex 1/4"-20 screws, four 1/4"-20 flat washers, and four 1/4-20 lock washers.
  4. Optional: Mount the antenna on a pole or mast:
    1. Attach the two hose clamps to the antenna mount bracket.
      You can encircle the pole with each clamp. Tighten the clamps securely.
  5. Attach the pre-assembled antenna to the other bracket.
    Use one washer external serrated, one bolt size 5/16 in. -1 5/8 in., one 5-16 in. split lock washer, two flat washer 5-16 in. and one hex nut 5-16 in.
    Use the screw to attach the free end of the articulating arm to the mount and then secure it in place with a hex nut.
  6. Adjust the antenna for azimuth and elevation.
    1. Loosen the 1-5/8 in. bolt pivot screw.
    2. Adjust the antenna for azimuth and elevation.
    3. Tighten the hardware securely.