Install the Access Point

About this task

The access point can be installed to a flat surface such as a wall or to a pole. Refer to the purchase order information to know more about selecting the right access point for your installation needs.

Before installing the access point:


  1. Verify the box contents.
  2. Visually inspect the access point, the bracket, and any other optional accessories you have ordered for physical damage.
    If there is any damage, contact Extreme Networks Support.
  3. Read and review the safety guidelines.
  4. Review the mounting options and the list of available brackets and accessories for installation.
  5. Position the access point before installation.
  6. Install the ground connection.
  7. Install the access point:
  8. Configure the GE and console connections.
  9. Form a drip loop connection for the cables.

What to do next

To troubleshoot or uninstall the access point, remove the RJ45 cable before you remove the access point from the installation location.