Install the Access Point on a Unistrut Structure Using the MBO-ART03 Bracket

Before you begin

The following hardware is required to install the MBO-ART03 bracket on a Unistrut structure:
  • One MBO-ART03 bracket
    The MBO-ART03 bracket ships with the following hardware:
    • Two long screws
    • Four short screws
    • Four nuts


    For Unistrut installations, discard two of the short screws and nuts. Provide two M12 stainless steel bolts, hex nuts, and split washers.

About this task

The MBO-ART03 bracket has +/- 80-degree (in 10-degree increments) 2-axis tilt and variable 7 inches to 10 inches extension. The bracket comes installed with M6 pivot screws.

It can be used on a wall, unistrut bracket or pole.

On the MBO-ART03 bracket's flat surface, there are three large holes for interfacing with the Unistrut metal frame. There are two smaller holes for M6 bolts for mounting to the KT brackets or a wall also. Each metal bracket on either end of the ART03 bracket has two bent sections with two pivot holes and serrated lock positions.

The length on the bent sections can be adjusted, if desired. Move the pivot points to increase the MBO-ART03 bracket's extension lengths to 7.5 in. to 9.0 in., or 10.5 in.

To adjust the MBO-ART03 bracket's extension:
  1. Remove the pivot screw and nut.
  2. Move the MBO-ART03 bracket arm's center hole to the other pivot hole on the bracket.
  3. Insert the pivot screw through the bracket and the arm.
  4. Attach the pivot nut to the screw.

    Use a crescent wrench or a 13 mm tool to tighten the pivot screws and nuts.

  5. Torque the screws and nuts to finger tightness.
Adjust the MBO-ART03 bracket's angular position
  1. The horizontal and vertical adjustments can be made in 10 degree increments.
    The increments are marked on the MBO-ART03 bracket.


    The access point glands should point downward to prevent water entry.
  2. Rotate the arm to the desired position.
  3. When the lock screw hole lines up with the appropriate serrated screw hole, insert the long M6 screw and fasten with a hex nut.
  4. Torque the lock screws and nuts to 45 inch-lbs.
  5. Torque the pivot screws and nuts to 60 inch-lbs.
    The left to right adjustment can be made to any angle, with the access point having at least 1 in. clearance from another object.


    The best practice is to make the vertical adjustment before attaching the access point to the MBO-ART03 bracket.
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    MBO-ART03 bracket angular adjustments
    MBO-ART03 bracket attached to the Unistrut structure


  1. Using the M12 bolts, split washers, and hex nuts, attach the MBO-ART03 bracket to the Unistrut structure.
    The MBO-ART03 bracket's metal plate can be in a vertical or horizontal position.
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    MBO-ART03 bracket attached to the Unistrut structure
    MBO-ART03 bracket horizontal view on the Unistrut structure
  2. Torque the bolts and nuts to 312 in-lbs.
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    MBO-ART03 torque position on the Unistrut structure
    MBO-ART03 bracket with attachment screws on the Unistrut structure
  3. Using the two short M6 screws, attach the access point with the glands facing the ground.
    There are four holes on the access point and only two holes are used for attaching to the MBO-ART03 bracket.
  4. Tighten the M6 screws to 45 in-lbs.
  5. Attach the LAN cables to the access point.
  6. To adjust the MBO-ART03 bracket's angular position, remove the long M6 degree locking screw and adjust the bracket axis to the desired angle.
  7. Insert the degree adjustment locking screw and attach the locking nut until hand tight.
    Repeat the angular position adjustment process on the other axis, if desired.
  8. Tighten the long bolts to the following values:
    • M6 degree locking bolts at 50 in-lbs.
    • M8 pivot bolts at 90 in-lbs.