Weatherproof the Antenna Connections

About this task

The following guidelines apply to:
  • AP360i/e
  • AP460i/e
Extreme Networks recommends that all connections between the AP and antennas are weatherproofed using the following weatherproof kits (not supplied):
  • Wireless Weatherproofing Kits:
    • 3M (WK‐100)
    • Scotch (WK‐101)
    Each weatherproofing kit includes ¾-inch vinyl tape, 2-inch mastic tape, and 2-inch wide vinyl tape.
Follow the guidelines to ensure proper installation:
  • The weatherproofing tape must be wound tightly over the connectors.
  • Ensure that no areas around the edges are exposed.


Installation instructions are provided with each weatherproofing kit.
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Weatherproofing the Antenna
1 Antenna 4 Type-N jack
2 Nut 5 AP
3 Standard polarity Type-N plug 6 Sealing tape (recommended, but not supplied)


  1. Secure the antenna in place by tightening the single nut.
  2. Follow the manufacturer's instructions provided in the kit to seal the connection between the Type-N jack and the Type-N plug.