Ground Connection

About this task

The ground connection for the access point is located on the rear of the device. Attach a ground to earth cable to the grounding terminal.

Hardware requirements:
  • One ground screw
  • One ring terminal
  • One star washer
  • One ground wire


The hardware is shipped with the access point box, but the ground wire must be provided by the installer.


  1. Strip the insulation off of one end of the ground screw wire.


    The best practice is to use a 10 AWG electrical wire.
  2. Attach the ground wire ring terminal to the access point using the M4 ground screw assembly with the star washer.


    The wire should be as close to the access point bottom as possible.


    The star washer must be in contact with both the ring terminal and the access point.
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    Ground wire connection
    Image of the back of the AP360e access point showing the M4 ground screw being inserted into the ground wire ring terminal.
  3. Tighten the screw to a torque of 10.0 in-lbs.