1 Gb LX and Industrial Grade LX SFP Modules (10052H, I-MGBIC-GLX, AA1419049-E6)

The Industrial Grade LX (part nos. 10052H and I-MGBIC-GLX) SFP modules provide a 1000BASE-X optical connection using LC connectors and SMF (single-mode fiber) cable up to 10 km long.

For a complete listing of hardware compatible with these modules, see the Extreme Optics Compatibility website.

Transmission distances are provided as a nominal guide only. To determine achievable distances, refer to the device's optical specifications and to the specific characteristics of your fiber installation.

Optical Budget Calculation

Measure cable plant losses with a 1310 nm light source and verify this to be within budget.

When you calculate the maximum distance attainable using optical cable with a specified loss per kilometer (for example, 0.25 dB/km), Extreme Networks recommends that 3 dB of the total budget be reserved for losses induced by cable splices or connectors, and operating margin. There is no minimum system budget or minimum cable length restriction because the maximum receive power is the same as the maximum transmit power. There is no minimum attenuation or minimum cable length restriction.

LX SFP Specifications

The LX and Industrial Grade LX SFPs conform to the 1000BASE-LX standard.

The LX SFP module operates at a commercial temperature range (0°C to 70°C). The Industrial Grade LX SFP modules operate at a wide temperature range (-40°C to 85°C).

The following tables list specifications for the LX and Industrial Grade LX SFP modules.

Table 1. LX and Industrial Grade LX SFP Modules: Transmitter
Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum
Average launch power -9.5 dBm -5 dBm -3 dBm
Center wavelength 1270 nm 1310 nm 1355 nm
Table 2. LX and Industrial Grade LX SFP Modules: Receiver
Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum
Receive sensitivity NA NA -19 dBm
Average receive power (max) NA NA -3 dBm
Operating wavelength 1270 nm 1310 nm 1355 nm
Table 3. LX and Industrial Grade LX SFP Modules: Link
Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum
Link power budget NA NA 8 dB
Operating distance - SMF NA NA 10 km
Operating distance - MMF
Note: OM1 and OM2 MMF require mode conditioning patch cord.
NA NA 550 m