Configure LLDP and CDP Settings

To enable LLDP/CDP for a port, ensure that LLDP/CDP is enabled under both the policy level and port level configuration.

Extreme Networks devices can advertise LLDP data and receive, cache, and display both LLDP and CDP data. However, they do not advertise CDP data. You can use LLDP and CDP data to help debug network issues. For example, the CDP data can be used when debugging VLAN issues on Cisco switches.

Use the following procedure to enable devices to receive and cache LLDP advertisements, and to advertise their own data through LLDP.

  1. Navigate to Configure > Common Objects > Network > LLDP/CDP.
  2. Select the plus sign.

    Alternately, you can edit an existing profile.

  3. Enter a name for the profile.
  4. Enter an optional description.
  5. Select whether to enable LLDP on access ports.


    LLDP is enabled on other port types by default.
  6. Select whether to receive, cache, and display LLDP advertisements from other network devices but to not advertise data.
  7. Define the maximum number of LLDP entries from neighboring network devices that a device can store in its cache.
  8. Set the length of time that the device instructs neighboring devices to retain the LLDP advertisements it sends them.
    You might want to increase this setting while engaged in troubleshooting a network issue and decrease it if there is a need to reduce overall network traffic.
  9. Set the interval for sending LLDP advertisements to neighboring network devices.
  10. Set a maximum power level that devices can request in LLDP advertisements to avoid requests for more power than the switch can provide.
  11. Enter the amount of time you want the interface to wait before initializing LLDP.
  12. Enter the number of advertisement LLDP frames to send when the connected device (such as an IP phone) starts up or is discovered.
  13. Select whether to enable devices to receive and cache CDP advertisements.


    You can enable devices to support both LLDP and CDP concurrently.
  14. Select whether to enable CDP on access ports.
  15. Define the maximum number of CDP entries that a device can store in its cache from neighboring network devices.
  16. Select SAVE.