Update the Device Software Images

Use this task to update the device software.
  1. Select the device(s) to update in the Devices List.
  2. Select Update Devices.
  3. If on the Configure page, select Update.
  4. Select Update IQ Engine and Switch Images.
  5. To upgrade the selected devices to the latest IQ Engine version on multiple device models, select Upgrade to the latest version.
  6. For a single device or when you select multiple devices that are all the same device model:
    1. Select Upgrade to the specific IQ Engine version.
    2. Choose an image file from the drop-down menu of available IQ Engine releases.
    3. To add a local IQ Engine image to the drop-down list, select Add/Remove, and then Choose.
  7. To update a device to a patch release, or if you have several IQ Engine versions running on the same device model, and you want to upgrade all of them to the same IQ Engine version, select Upgrade even if the versions are the same.
  8. Select Perform Update.