A graphic at the top of this window shows the device and its network connections. Events that occur in the network for the selected device are recorded and displayed in this window. Table data is updated hourly. There is an Events tab and a Configuration Events tab above the table. Configuration events show only changes to the device configuration, either from inside a network policy, or at the device level.

Use the key-ahead search field to search for an event by description. Use the column picker to customize the categories displayed in the table. By default, Timestamp, Severity, Category, and Description columns are displayed. Optional columns include Host Name, Device MAC, and Client MAC. You can download table data as a .csv file.

Sort the table by the event category using the drop-down list. To control how the information is presented, select any of the column headings. For example, if you want to organize the content by host name, select the Host Name heading.

Each alarm or event log entry consists of the following elements: