VLAN or Trunk Issues

It is possible to update the switch into a state where it can no longer reach the cloud, and it becomes isolated. In this scenario, you need to access the switch, manually reset it, delete it, and then add it back into ExtremeCloud IQ.


You can make a change manually to correct the issue, but this can result in the switch configuration becoming out of sync with ExtremeCloud IQ. For information about correcting sync issues, see Push the Device-Level Configuration to the Device for out-of-sync issues.
  1. Access the device via SSH.
  2. Use unconfigure switch all to manually reset the switch.
  3. Delete the device from ExtremeCloud IQ.
  4. Add the device back into ExtremeCloud IQ.
  5. During a configuration update, select the Reboot and Revert Extreme Networks Switch Configuration if IQAgent is unresponsive after configuration update option.
  6. For updates that disconnect a device, reconsider if your last update was appropriate and revisit that port's configuration.