Instant Port Profiles Troubleshooting

When facing issues with IPP, check the audit logs at Global Settings > Logs > Audit Logs for more information.

Check the monitoring page after a match has occurred.


It may take up to 10 minutes for the information to appear.

In the below example, MAC b8:7c:f2:65:b4:00 on Port 3 is assigned the device type RDU AP and is checked under the IPP category of Events.

Instant Port Profile matched device type are checked under Monitoring > Overview.

Instant Port Profile client MAC addresses are checked under Monitoring > Clients. Select the client MAC to check the current connection status of the connected client.

Instant Port Profiles Out of Sync

Configuration changes related to LLDP/STP on a port from outside ExtremeCloud IQ when you have configured IPP from inside ExtremeCloud IQ causes out of sync configuration errors.

to resolve out of sync errors, begin by selecting Update Devices in the Devices list. Then, in the Device Update dialog, select Perform delta configuration update and resolve local device configuration which is out of sync with ExtremeCloud IQ and perform an update.