Device Update Failure

This error indicates that a command on the switch failed to run or produced unexpected output. This can indicate that a manual or Supplemental CLI configuration conflicted with the configuration pushed by ExtremeCloud IQ. (See Configure Supplemental CLI). When ExtremeCloud IQ encounters this error, it attempts to push the same configuration delta again on the next update unless you create a different configuration.

Hover over this error message for more details.

  1. Select the device and manually push the configuration by clicking UPDATE DEVICES.
  2. If not successful, make a change to the configuration and push it.
  3. If not successful, make changes to the device manually until you achieve a successful push.
  4. If the device becomes isolated and changes are made to the device, correct an out-of-sync issue. See Push the Device-Level Configuration to the Device.
  5. If you still get an error, reset the device.