Deploy Devices to the Cloud

Use this task to set up a new ExtremeCloud IQ network. If you are a first-time user, you will see the Welcome to ExtremeCloud IQ onboarding panel at right side of the main window. For subsequent log ins, to see this panel, select the expand arrow in the blue rectangle on the right edge of any window. Perform the following steps to onboard devices and manage them.

  1. Name your organization, then select Continue.
  2. Choose to deploy and manage your devices in the cloud, then select Let‘s get started.
  3. Add a Location, then select Save Location.
  4. Select Next: Building.
  5. Add a Building, then select Save Building.
  6. Select Next: Floor.
  7. Add a Floor, associate it with a building, select an environment from the options, enter the floor attenuation, and the device installation height.


    Select Choose from Library to import a floorplan image.
  8. Choose to onboard Real device.
  9. Enter the device serial number.
  10. For the Device OS, choose Switch Engine or Fabric Engine before you can onboard a Universal Hardware Switch.
  11. Select Onboard Devices.
  12. Select Next: Topology.
Assign a location to a device.